Women of Hip Hop

Hip Hop was a subculture created from an African American community during the 1970s. The subculture is a form of expression to tell stories, ideas, and events of the past. Over the decades, to me the value of the art of hip hop has lost its originality. Living in the 21st century, sexism, misogyny, and polygamist ideas have been accepted in the hip hop community. Women have become sex objects and it has become acceptable in this culture. In songs, I hear words being flung around that verbally disrespect women, words such as “hoe”, “bitch”, “slut”. Although those are terms of disrespect, they seem to have transformed into terms of endearment and acceptance. Women in my generation accept that someone refers to them as a “bad bitch” and it has become widely accepted to be promiscuous. Much of the music and videos have portrayed women in a negative image. In music videos, women wear close to nothing and prance around to explicit lyrics for a little pocket change. This shows that women don’t value or have respect for themselves to say NO!


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