Are Video Vixens and “Groupies” ruining the perception of women?


As a child, I was an avid listener of hip hop on into my teenage years. Back then I never really understood the perception of women because I was more worried about toys and playing. As I have grown to understand it, I can certainly say that the hip hop culture has exploited women in such a negative light. I began to question if men only see women as sex objects and have less respect for them. In music videos now days, you see women in the videos dancing with skimpy clothes, they are known as video vixens. There are many definitions of a video vixen, but to me it is an attractive woman that portrays a sexy image in videos. Being a video vixen comes along with several different stereotypes, such as them being promiscuous, uneducated and dependent. Of course these stereotypes are false, but there is a reason why these stereotypes have come about. There have been video vixens that have had sexual relations with the rap artists for money or for validation. That is a valid reason why these stereotypes have come about, even though they don’t define these women as a whole.

Another term in the hip hop culture that women are referred to are called “groupies”. A groupie is a woman that seeks emotional or sexual intimacy with a musician or celebrity. Women have pretty much made it easier for men to obtain sex, which reminds me of the quote “if you don’t do it, he can get it from someone else”. These groupies are usually attracted to these artists’ because of their lavish lifestyle such as money, cars, and clothes. In an interview with Complex Magazine, rising Harlem-based artist A$AP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, discussed the topic of “Groupies”. Mayers stated that he “takes advantage of the situation and make sure all his brothers get some sex”. Basically, Mayers was saying that these women are sex objects. Why must women be portrayed this way? Why must we allow ourselves to lose value because of someone’s social status? Do you think these women are ruing the perception of women?



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