Girl of the Night……Poem by Mary Wynn

Girl of the night

That body conscious hugging dress

Showing off your voluptuous curves

Work it girl

You’re the it girl

You know you’re the shit girl

Girl of the night

She struts gracefully across the floor with those heels on 

The men’s eyes yearning for her tonight 

Wanting that warm sensation in between her thighs

They don’t care to look into her eyes 

Girl of the night

Sipping from the glass filled with liquor

With a stain of red lipstick

Loosening her up a bit

Slowly becoming promiscuous

Girl of the night

Lifting your dress 

Mindlessly pursuing him 

What’s making love ?

She just wants the perfect fuck

She’s dying for this male intuition

For him to successfully jissom

Inside her

Waiting for a time of pleasureful perfections

Filled with several erections

And thrusting injections

Just for tonight

Girl of the night

Eager for the penetrations

And any other type of sexual relations

She’s just trying to take those steps

To reach her climax

Ending it with a resolution

And repeating this process

With knee-knocking orgasms

Body shaking sensations

Girl of the night

Why must you be so promiscuous?

Your body is a temple

Why must you solicit it?

Girl Of the Night




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