Interview with Sky Poplar

For this project I have decided to interview my friend LseKaiya Poplar who has been trying to make herself in the hip-hop industry to be a video model.

Mary: Why do you want to be a video model?

LseKaiya: “This necessarily isn’t my first choice to succeed in life, I just do it to keep a little money in my pockets while I’m in college. Also, I want to do it to get my name out there and start other businesses.”

Mary: What do you think about mysogyny and exploitation in hip hop?

LseKaiya: “I think it is ridiculous because a lot of us can’t prosper without the stereotypes, which makes it harder on us.”

Mary: What are some things that you have been asked by the artists’ you have encountered?

LseKaiya: “I have been asked to have sex with several artists’ and members of their entourage. I have been asked to do many of these things that I would not do.”

Mary: Why do you think women do anything these artists’ ask?

LseKaiya: “To be honest these women become promiscuous in this hip hop industry because they see the money, cars, and clothes, but tend to lose sight of who they really are. They lose respect for themselves and these men lose respect for these women as well. You have to demand respect because of the stereotypes that come with the title of being a “video model”.


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