Who is to blame for Mysogyny in Hip Hop?


Misogyny in the hip hop culture refers to explicit lyrics, videos, or other aspects that are supported, glorified, or justified, to exploit women. Misogyny can range from stereotypes, defamations and sexual innuendos that portray negative stereotypes about women. So who do we blame for the misogyny in hip hop? We are all to blame! From the artist’s, to the music journalists, to the fans, to the “video vixens” as well as the groupies, they are all to blame for it. You can’t put the blame solely on one group of people and I’ll tell you why. Without the fans and the journalists the artist’s wouldn’t be able to succeed because of their misogynistic lyrics, but because they are glorifying them it will continue to happen. Without the fans supporting them there would be less misogyny in hip hop. Also, as long as the “video vixens” and “groupies” continue to use sex as a way to get into videos, these artists will continue to disrespect them. These men will continue to rap misogynistic lyrics as long as these women are giving them a reason to. Tupac once said in an interview “When I talk about my love for women, I’m talking about strong women like my sister. When I talk about bitches and hoes that’s exactly who I’m talking about, bitches and hoes. Not all women are bitches and hoes. Men can be bitches and hoes too.” Tupac couldn’t have said it any better, Why must women always be subject to misogynistic lyrics? We are all to blame for it occurring.


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