Interview with Corvin Hardy

I constructed this interview with a good friend of mine, by the name of Corvin hardy. I decided to interview him because he is apart of the “entourage” of a well-known rapper. I wanted to take a look behind the scenes to get a males perspective.

Mary: What do you do as part of the entourage?

Corvin: “I am the camera-man basially, I film all the shows and do all the photoshoots.”

Mary: What is it like living this lifestyle?

Corvin: “It’s absolutely crazy, people were always right about this lifestyle. Once the money started pooring in so did the women. I would have to say the lifestyle is great”

Mary: What is the craziest thing a woman has done for attention?

Corvin: “A girl actually sneaked onto our tour bus and was completely naked, it was wild. I couldn’t even believe this girl did that.”

Mary: Do you all respect women being in this industry?

Corvin: “Of course we respect women, but the thing is you have to seperate a woman from a groupie. A woman has respect for herself and a groupie does not. A lot of these groupies just want to say they’ve had sex with one of us and get beside the next best thing. You’d be surprised as the things these girls do, they clearly have no respect for themselves, so why should we you know?”



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