Poem by Mary Wynn

Virgin ? Yes I’m one of those
That doesn’t matter 
They only care about how that ass sit
Or how tight that dress fits
They just want that mouth and those big tits
They don’t care about what’s in your mind see
They just want something called head
And that warm sensation between your legs
But see that’s not me
I don’t matter
No matter how smart I am
No matter how independent I am
No matter how virginesque I am
The ones with the open mouth and spread legs outshine me
To them I’m considered the future
They want the present the miss right now
And that’s not what I’m destined to be
When it comes to the reality
Me being a virgin is a sign of intimidation

Interview with Corvin Hardy

I constructed this interview with a good friend of mine, by the name of Corvin hardy. I decided to interview him because he is apart of the “entourage” of a well-known rapper. I wanted to take a look behind the scenes to get a males perspective.

Mary: What do you do as part of the entourage?

Corvin: “I am the camera-man basially, I film all the shows and do all the photoshoots.”

Mary: What is it like living this lifestyle?

Corvin: “It’s absolutely crazy, people were always right about this lifestyle. Once the money started pooring in so did the women. I would have to say the lifestyle is great”

Mary: What is the craziest thing a woman has done for attention?

Corvin: “A girl actually sneaked onto our tour bus and was completely naked, it was wild. I couldn’t even believe this girl did that.”

Mary: Do you all respect women being in this industry?

Corvin: “Of course we respect women, but the thing is you have to seperate a woman from a groupie. A woman has respect for herself and a groupie does not. A lot of these groupies just want to say they’ve had sex with one of us and get beside the next best thing. You’d be surprised as the things these girls do, they clearly have no respect for themselves, so why should we you know?”


Who is to blame for Mysogyny in Hip Hop?


Misogyny in the hip hop culture refers to explicit lyrics, videos, or other aspects that are supported, glorified, or justified, to exploit women. Misogyny can range from stereotypes, defamations and sexual innuendos that portray negative stereotypes about women. So who do we blame for the misogyny in hip hop? We are all to blame! From the artist’s, to the music journalists, to the fans, to the “video vixens” as well as the groupies, they are all to blame for it. You can’t put the blame solely on one group of people and I’ll tell you why. Without the fans and the journalists the artist’s wouldn’t be able to succeed because of their misogynistic lyrics, but because they are glorifying them it will continue to happen. Without the fans supporting them there would be less misogyny in hip hop. Also, as long as the “video vixens” and “groupies” continue to use sex as a way to get into videos, these artists will continue to disrespect them. These men will continue to rap misogynistic lyrics as long as these women are giving them a reason to. Tupac once said in an interview “When I talk about my love for women, I’m talking about strong women like my sister. When I talk about bitches and hoes that’s exactly who I’m talking about, bitches and hoes. Not all women are bitches and hoes. Men can be bitches and hoes too.” Tupac couldn’t have said it any better, Why must women always be subject to misogynistic lyrics? We are all to blame for it occurring.

Interview with Sky Poplar

For this project I have decided to interview my friend LseKaiya Poplar who has been trying to make herself in the hip-hop industry to be a video model.

Mary: Why do you want to be a video model?

LseKaiya: “This necessarily isn’t my first choice to succeed in life, I just do it to keep a little money in my pockets while I’m in college. Also, I want to do it to get my name out there and start other businesses.”

Mary: What do you think about mysogyny and exploitation in hip hop?

LseKaiya: “I think it is ridiculous because a lot of us can’t prosper without the stereotypes, which makes it harder on us.”

Mary: What are some things that you have been asked by the artists’ you have encountered?

LseKaiya: “I have been asked to have sex with several artists’ and members of their entourage. I have been asked to do many of these things that I would not do.”

Mary: Why do you think women do anything these artists’ ask?

LseKaiya: “To be honest these women become promiscuous in this hip hop industry because they see the money, cars, and clothes, but tend to lose sight of who they really are. They lose respect for themselves and these men lose respect for these women as well. You have to demand respect because of the stereotypes that come with the title of being a “video model”.

Poem by Mary Wynn

She stands on the corner with the rest of them

Sex with many men


Life in the hands of the man that’s caressing them


Diamonds and Designer clothes that he dressed her in


Not valuing the body that God has blessed her with

Tears fill the pillow her head’s resting in

Asking God why her life is getting tougher and

Why she has to go through all this pain and suffering?

I know life could be worse than others

Sometimes you have to fall before you survive the struggling

Sexploitation on Set

When I decided to do my project on Mysogyny and Exploitation of women in hip-hop, I immediately thought of this documentary. The documentary was about video vixens and sexploitation on set. I was shocked to see how women could allow these men to exploit them and they had no problem with it. It was clearly obvious that these men had no respect for them, but the women never demanded. This is a clip of the documentary where 2 video vixens discuss their lifestyles of being on set.