Closing Statements

I have always loved music, but as I got older I had grown to love hip hop. I even strive to be a Manager or even to own a Record Company in the music industry. I truly love the art of the hip hop community, but I am guilty of supporting misogynistic lyrics and exploitation of women. I hadn’t really realized the severity of what I was supporting until I was able to do this project. The process of this project truly opened my eyes. Being friends of people in the music industry is quite amazing, but the things that take place behind the scenes are not. The fact that women would practically do anything to get next to a celebrity is mind-boggling. They would allow themselves to be disrespected and exploited just to sleep with a rapper because of who they are. Women have given these rappers a reason to be singing misogynistic lyrics because of their actions. Being a female, I know how to respect myself and I demand respect from males because I value my body. There are many women that are like me and men should respect them. If you respect yourself, everyone else will respect you and show you respect.

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